One of a Kind Designs

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which is part of SKYHI CREATIVE DESIGNS.  We're glad you stopped by and hope that you will enjoy looking at the SKYHI CARDS and SKYHI CRAFTS.   Each SKYHI CARD and CRAFT item is unique and different. All cards come with their own envelope.  Each card and craft item is truly a "One of a Kind Design". CRAFT items, also unique, will be found mostly in the Miscellaneous section but may be in categories like "Animal & Quotes" as well.

Several themes are used for our SKYHI CARDS.  Cards are usually made in sets of 4, 6, 8, or 10.  Each set uses a theme and each card in each set is slightly different.  Cards are sold individually and not by the set. However, a discount is often given if 3 or more individual cards are purchased at the same time.  See the page OFFERS.

Almost all of the SKYHI CARDS are left blank inside for your personal greetings and sentiments.  Room for a few simple words or a longer greeting. Even those cards with special greetings inside usually have room for your own personal greeting.

If you're looking for a card  for a special person that has been carefully created and is the only one of its kind than these are the cards for you. 

Perhaps you are looking for a unique card to use as a gift, all cards are individually sealed in clear cello wrap with an envelope, which keeps these cards in pristine condition.

Feel free to browse and don't forget to check out the OFFERS!

Cards Priced from $2.00 to $4.00 each.  Craft Items start at $1.00 each.

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October 16th - Boss's Day
October 20th - Sweetest Day
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October 31st - Halloween
November 1st - All Saints Day
November 2nd - All Souls Day
November 4th - End Daylight Savings
November 6th - Election Day
November 11th - Veterans' Day
November 22nd - Thanksgiving
November 23rd - Black Friday
November 26th - Cyber Monday
December 7th - Pearl Harbor Day
December 8th - Hanukkah Begins
December 22nd - Winter Begins
December 25th - Christmas Day
December 31st - New Year's Eve